“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein
In a Joint Investigation with the New England Center for Investigative Reporting, necn found dozens of men and women in Massachusetts have had their criminal convictions reversed in the last 20 years – in part or entirely – because of what judges in the state’s Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals court described as prosecutorial misconduct.

Click here to watch the NECN Report By Ally Donnelly: 
Prosecutorial Misconduct – When Prosecutors Break the Rules

“My son’s (former) attorney, Kevin Reddington of Brockton, recently submitted a sixth motion to the Middlesex Superior Court for Post Conviction Relief and Judge Hiller Zobel denied the motion with Judicial discretion although facts submitted show that a jailhouse informant witness was given Promises, Rewards and Inducements that were deliberately sealed and impounded, to testify against my son. The jailhouse informant’s true probation record was not furnished to the defense counsel before trial.”… (see Letter to Gov. Deval Patrick)

New Evidence Casts Doubt on Credibility

What is it that the Justices of Massachusetts don’t understand?
“The defendant’s submissions clearly and unequivocally show that at no time had he been given any opportunity for a hearing in court with the presentation of witnesses and a fair arbiter to determine the truth of the government’s withholding of exculpatory evidence.”

Included here is the letter from James Rodwell’s (former) Attorney that once again speaks to the evidence that was uncovered AFTER his trial! Also included is Justice Zobel’s ridiculous answer and denial  of James Rodwell’s constitutional rights, as well as the decision summary document published by the SJC.  Again, what is it that they don’t understand – James Rodwell would have presented the evidence IF HE KNEW IT EXISTED! Now that he does know, he’s not being allowed to present it! What is it they don’t understand about that?


Judge Zobel and the rest of the Justices should take a look at this case, Jackson v Marshall.   At the trial, the evidence was hidden from James Rodwell. Once it was uncovered – AFTER THE TRIAL – he was never allowed to present it!

James Rodwell has been confined to a jail cell for 30 years now, for a crime HE DID NOT COMMIT! A CRIME HE HAS PROVEN HE DID NOT COMMIT!!

As in our first website for James Rodwell, you will see how the “system” convicted James by using the testimony of a “paid” informant; who in turn used James Rodwell to play what he refers to as a “Get Out of Jail Free”card. You will also see the evidence that the State of Massachusetts has chosen to blatantly ignore.

Click here to read the letter from David Nagle ADMITTING he made a “deal”, along with the letter from Middlesex DA’s office, Sr. Appellate Counsel Marguerite T. Grant, acknowledging the same. VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE HERE – The fact that she forwarded the letter to the judge hearing the Post Conviction Motion and he ignored the letter shows the Judge’s ignorance of exculpatory evidence withheld from James Rodwell. Then read this “BRIEF”where at the bottom of the page where David Nagle is questioned and blatantly lies!

You will clearly see here how the so-called “case” against James Rodwell is full of holes, lies, perjury, secrets, coverup, informants, – you name it – it’s in here! You will clearly see the horrifying obstruction of justice, the shameful prosecutorial and judicial misconduct, and the disgusting jury tampering.

Read a recent brief, (01-2411) Rodwell v. Pepe Includes the “Statement of the Case”, “Statement of the Issue”, “Statement of the Facts”, “Post Conviction Proceedings”, and “Summary of the Argument.”

Directly quoted from the “Argument”: “This Court is the only “safe harbor” where the Petitioner-Appellant may secure fair exploration of crucial claims of fraud by state trial prosecutors, and in turn by federal officials who also had an ongoing, undisclosed relationship favoring the lone witnesses against the Petitioner-Appellant. At very least, the Petitioner-Appellant should be granted an evidentiary hearing concerning whether the state’s habeas counsel, in the initial habeas proceeding, duplicated the fraud committed by state trial prosecutors who utterly failed to meet their constitutional obligations of disclosure.”

“The Petitioner-Appellant has never been given an opportunity to appear in any courtroom to present this evidence of insidious, intentional misconduct, including the use of perjured testimony and the suppression of exculpatory evidence, that deprived him of a fair trial, and resulted in his continuing incarceration. This Petitioner-Appellant has demonstrated the exceptional circumstances which warrant extraordinary relief under Rule 60 (b).”

Also read a recent Opinion Take a look at the articles listed in the SITE INDEX. You will be shocked that this happened to James Rodwell and horrified that it CAN happen to anyone! Any why? Is it because the State of Massachusetts is embarrassed to admit their mistake, ashamed to have the public know how they railroaded an innocent man!? And, to make it even worse they are STILL covering it up and making every effort, very slowly, to keep this from going public.

We need to take a hard look at this because it’s all too familiar to see such cases of injustice – it’s too commonplace, too easy, for district attorneys, lawyers, judges, the FBI and the police, to misuse and abuse their authority. And take a look at this article from Lawyers Weekly where in this case the confession to an informant was ruled inadmissible!! And yet and innocent man, James Rodwell, who did NOTHING at all is in jail for life!!

In June of 1983, Associate Justice Lynch of the Supreme Judicial Court, remanded the case back to the original trial Judge, Alan Dimond, for review, consideration and appropriate action. In other words, even the judge saw reason to grant a new trial, but James Rodwell was NEVER heard. To this day he has never had a hearing!   Cover-up?  What hornets nest will this case open up here in Massachusetts?   Does the FBI and other powers that be really believe it’s easier to keep James behind bars so no one finds out what really happened here!?

It is my intention to show everyone what happened with James Rodwell. I will incorporate some of the information from our original website here; I will also add some new documents and new information. As you read you will see many links within the text. Click on any one of them to view that particular subject. PLEASE NOTE that this site is being updated and will change often.

It is my opinion that James Rodwell is being deliberately kept behind bars for more than one reason, one of the biggest being that it will turn into another huge fiasco for Massachusetts, another embarrassment, another mistake! So here’s my question, the proof is there in black and white, an innocent man is behind bars – what will it take for the State of Massachusetts to acknowledge their mistake and release James Rodwell. With more than half his life behind bars for something he did NOT do, what’s it going to take?







  • Dwayne M. Cruthird:

    Knowing Jimmy’s chances at success this time go round, I know that the people who have denied justice will know justice has a name and a face, and it is my friend James Rodwell. Although justice has been delayed, it will no longer be DENIED!

  • Alex:

    KC stay strong it’s almost over

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